Summary of Events

Although most people may only be aware of the 'big night' and the imminent run up, actually, the work that goes in starts as early as February each year.

We've had the Old Folks dinner back, along with another successful annual Dinner Dance, later this year will see a return of the Boot Sales, the Pet & Flower show, the Auction of Promises as well as more Clay Shoots and other possible fundraising events that have been suggested behind the scenes.

See the list to the right for the calendar of RBS events.

Clay Shoot Poster
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Event Dates

May Boot Sale
20th May

Auction Of Promises
2nd June

Midsummer Run
Friday 15th June

June Boot Sale
24th June

July Boot Sale
22nd July

August Boot Sale
19th August

Flower & Pet Show
2nd September

RBS Clay Shoot
30th September

Robertsbridge Bonfire Society
Saturday 17th November

Monthly Meetings
Every 3rd Thursday

March / April 2019